Welcome to IV Vitamin & Therapy Lounge

We are so happy to introduce you to the IV Vitamin & Therapy Lounge where we offer a relaxing environment for you to enjoy our many therapies. In addition to the IV Vitamins, we offer Cryotherapy, NHC Cyclo-Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Cryolipolysis, Wet Cupping, Acupuncture, Mizan therapy plus more. We are proud to be located on the much-loved Sharrow Vale Road... surrounded by other independent businesses all bringing their own flavour to Sheffield.

All of our IV Vitamins & therapies are administered by trained staff and are delivered in the comfort of our specially designed Lounge. Take time to revitalize, recharge and boost your immune system in our calming setting. In the world we are in, it is so important you are in optimum condition and keep yourself topped up regularly with therapies that enhance your internal body as well as external. We are enthusiastic about therapies which help people feel good. Our staff have gained extensive experience from working closely with clients for many years; they are passionate about providing the highest quality of service for all our patients here at the IV Vitamin and Therapy Lounge and are focused on ensuring you feel at ease during your experience with us. We offer a free consultation service, so do not worry if you are not sure exactly which treatment will be right for you. We are more than happy to talk through your options.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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