Testosterone & Cortisol Blood Test - What we look for

Cortisol, is known as a catabolic hormone (a hormone that breaks down tissues). High levels of stress including physical or emotional can trigger your body to produce cortisol. Over the long term elevated cortisol level has adverse effects on health, immune function, mood, body composition and performance.

Known as the feel-good hormone, testosterone helps maintain muscle size and strength, sex drive, mood, energy, sperm production and more. The total testosterone test measures testosterone that is bound to proteins in the blood. In a sporting context, athlete testosterone levels before training were positively correlated to self-selected training loads and workloads, whilst greater testosterone responses to competition were associated with higher motivation to win. Monitoring changes in hormones may assist you changing your training, nutrition, supplements and / or sleep habits.

Hormones are fundamental to achieving your strength and muscle gains. Specific male hormones that help maintain a man’s bone density, fat distribution, muscle strength, sex drive, mood, energy, sperm production, and more.

Hormones can be influenced by diet, sleep, alcohol and the time of the day the blood is taken (e.g. testosterone peaks in the morning). To ensure reliable and accurate test results, it is important that you try to keep these stable one week before testing. For any retests repeat similar conditions.