Male Hormones Blood Test - What we look for

It is famously known as the feel-good hormone. Testosterone plays a significant role in maintaining the strength and size of the muscles, improvement of sex drive and mood, enhancement of the energy levels, and sperm production in the body. The total testosterone test calculates the testosterone that is attached to proteins in the blood.

Oestradiol and testosterone move in the bloodstream, especially to the SHBG known as the sex hormone binding globulin. Slight modifications in the SHBG levels can have an impact on the number of hormones available for use by the tissues in the body. When the SHBG level is high, that means there is unused testosterone for the usage of the tissues as shown in the total testosterone analysis. There is a reduced level of SHBG in cases such as hypothyroidism, androgen, and obesity.

Oestradiol is the primary female sex hormone and a type of estrogen available in males. High levels of oestradiol in men are linked with disproportionate abdominal fat, prostate enlargement, an increase in exposure to cardiovascular risks. However, when these levels are considerably low, there is a case of osteoporosis.

DHEA Sulphate
Produced primarily by the adrenal glands, DHEA is the most abundant steroid hormone in the human body. It also ensures hormone balance and provide support for the immune system, improve energy levels, mood and also maintaining lean muscle mass.

You need to understand that certain male hormones can assist men to maintain their bone mass, increase sperm in the body, enhance sex drive, increase mood and energy level, and ensure proper distribution of fat in the body. There is a need to have a consistent check on your hormone changes as it will give you an insight into how to modify your supplements, training, and nutrition.