NHC Cyclo-Therapy

Offering a drug-free alternative for pain relief.

Following a successful trial of the therapy at the NHS London Spinal Cord Injury Centre at the Royal National Orthopaedic NHS Trust (RNOH), the portable handheld units and circulation stimulation pads that deliver the NHC CycloTherapy are now in all NHS spinal cord injury centres across the UK.

NHC Cyclo Therapy works on a three-dimensional “cycloidal vibration” which is much less invasive than many standard massage devices giving a gentle and relaxing experience while stimulating the blood flow and muscles. This helps to relieve the pain and sometimes debilitating associated symptoms for sufferers of a number of medical conditions.

The Chair is class IIa certified for reducing pain. When applied directly to or surrounding an area of pain, the Cycloidal vibration generated by Cyclo-Therapy can aid pain relief from; Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain, Back pain, Sciatica pain & Fibromyalgia pain. It can help with the symptoms of muscle and nervous system conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Restless Leg Syndrome & Stroke. Respiratory & circulatory conditions such as COPD, leg ulcer and leg and feet circulation can all be eased with the NHC Cyclo-Therapy.

Our therapists have been fully trained on how to operate the various settings of the chair in order to maximise benefits for patients depending upon the condition presented. The chair is designed to target specific areas of the body if whole-body therapy is not required or appropriate.

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NHC Cyclo - Therapy - IV Vitamin & Therapy Lounge

NHC Cyclo - Therapy - IV Vitamin & Therapy Lounge

NHC Cyclo - Therapy - IV Vitamin & Therapy Lounge