Ussman Riazmalik - Clinical Director

Hello, firstly, let me share a little about myself. I have worked in the healthcare sector for over 10 years, including the last 5 years hospital-based. I have spent my career so far developing my knowledge to benefit the patients under my care. After extensively researching IV Vitamin and other therapies, I am now thrilled to be able to offer them to the public and contribute to the health and well-being of my patients.

In an ever-changing world, it is of paramount importance we all continue to adapt and explore new opportunities to maintain and improve our health and that I take the time to fully explain the various therapies we offer and ensure it is right for you. I am available for free of charge consultations to learn of your bespoke needs in order to seek to understand how best we at IV Vitamin and Therapy Lounge can help.

I am delighted to oversee the therapies we provide and I am excited to bring these to you.



Ussman Riazmalik - Clinical Director - IV Vitamin & Therapy Lounge